Far Infrared Sauna For Crossfitters

You love crossfit and you tear through your WOD without fail…You recount your workout with your friends who stare at you in disbelief of all that you accomplished today and you talk about women’s names and PBs and get some stares from people who just don’t get it.

That’s ok, you found your workout mecca and how crossfit makes you feel…. But sometimes you wonder what you can do to help give your body a rest when it isn’t rest day.

I got three words for you: Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna

It’s not your mother’s sauna that just heats up the air and makes you feel stuck on a deserted island with no way to breath.

This kind of sauna has a boat load of technology and research backing up what it can do for your body.

The infrared sauna uses infrared light that penetrates your tissues and heats your body, not the room so it can do things like:

  • Soothes muscles so you can keep your workouts tough
  • burns calories while you are sitting there….like up to 600 calories in one session
  • increases oxygen to your body
  • lowers blood pressure
  • purifies the skin…aren’t you working out to look better? This is important too!

to name a few…

and it’s just a great time to nap, write, read, meditate, listen to music…whatever you want while the sauna works on your body…you can even say that you are on a mini workout since your losing up to 600 calories while doing it!

so to add something like this to your crossfit regimen, get the 4 sauna pack for $97 and see how using the far infrared sauna works for your body after a workout, before a workout, or on an off day.

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