About Us


Dawn Brower is an International and State Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She received her training from the highly acclaimed Body Logic Institute located in St. Augustine, Florida.

In addition to her specialty with colon health, Dawn is also a practicing National and State Licensed Massage Therapist, having graduated from The Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida.

Prior to working in the healing profession, Dawn attended and graduated from Sante Fe Community College in Gainesville Florida, where she earned an AA degree in Sociology. Dawn worked for nine years in the challenging career of rehabilitation for the criminally insane. Working side by side with these clients, she evaluated the efficacy of traditional practices in maintaining and regaining a state of sound health. It was through this experience that Dawn began to investigate alternative and holistic methods of healing.

Dawn believes that the colon is the foundation of health. We must cleanse and irrigate the colon in order to promote a stable, well functioning whole body system. Dawn uses her knowledge and experience to assist each client in returning to their optimal condition.


Jennifer Ford is the co-owner and business manager of Gentle Waters Healing Center. Her dedication to enhancing her own health and that of her son Tristan led Jennifer to learn about Colon Hydrotherapy, and it further inspired her to work towards bringing this valuable therapy to Gainesville. Jennifer has lived in Gainesville, Florida and been an active part of its business community for many years, most notably in her twenty-year career managing and developing Target Copy Center.

Her unique combination of wellness-centered values and business experience has ensured that Gentle Waters can offer customers the most rewarding healing experiences possible using state of the art equipment and therapies. Since Jennifer is not only the business manager, but also the designer of Gentle Waters’ unique interior, she truly is involved in all aspects of the ultimate relaxation and comfort we offer.

Jennifer welcomes all seeking healing and an enhanced lifestyle.