I feel lighter and healthier as the result of my colon hydrotherapy sessions. I really felt heavy and sluggish prior to my sessions despite my healthy wieght and vegatarian diet.


I experienced an over all sense of well being and satisfaction that I was doing something good for myself. Gentle Waters offers many healthy options with a range of beneficial treatments, which will ensure my satisfied return.

Tess Foley

In our transition to eating nutritious raw organic foods, we found it necessary to clean the toxins and candida out of our systems. We tried enema’s at home, but it didn’t get the results we were looking for. Gentle Waters helped us achieve those results in a much faster pace, under relaxing conditions.

Steve & Theresa Permann

I have felt more energetic and it feels like my bowels are becoming cleaner and healthier

Chris Rocher

I went through the 6 colonics series to help start eating better. The colonics helped curb my cravings for sugar and made it easier for me to want to eat healthier.


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